Pictures 2005

Most recent pictures listed first:

Taken Tuesday, December 20: Someone is feeling better

Taken Saturday, December 17 of Miss Maddie who “couldn’t sleep”

This is the Christmas picture.

This was to be the Christmas picture but I could see that her eye was still puffy from a “face vs. table” fight where the table won. Arnie did a nice
job touching up so you can’t see the red cut LOL.

Taken November 27, 2005 (note: this is NOT the Christmas card picture)

Taken October 5, 2005

Olivia taken 10/26/05 at 15 months, 1 week old

Maddie and Olivia (taken August 6, 2005)

One year old

Big Sister Maddie, 5 years old

To view pictures from the girl’s party:

Click Here for Laura’s pictures (Lily’s mom). Lily is our heart friend we met at CCMC and the baby in the pictures with Olivia.
And click Here for the pictures we took. Not as many unfortunately but we were very busy!

Last night at her family party at the DQ Grill & Chill

In the morning on her birthday

Brushing her hair

11 months old eating lemons


Maddie Rose                                                                                
9 months old!

Taken Easter Sunday, March 27

Almost 7 months old. Where has the time gone?  The day she posed for this picture, I discovered her first tooth!

She looks really short in this picture, not sure if it’s the dress or the way she was seated in the beanbag.

Taken on January 19 – 6 months old today!

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