Pictures 2004

4 1/2 months old

Here are two pictures we had taken yesterday.

15 weeks, 2 days

Our little duck Olivia

On Halloween at my sister’s house: Christopher as Shrek, Maddie as the Blue Fairy, Sarah as Snow White, Cole as Superman and Cory as Spiderman

Picture from Amy’s Christening: A Mini- Little Hearts reunion. From Left: Myself and Olivia, Brenda and Gracie (HLHS), Noel, Amy (HLHS) and Delys.

11 week pictures taken 10/01/04:

Taken 8/31/04

Taken 8/31/04

Olivia at 13 days old

Olivia – 2 days old, after the breathing tube was removed.

Olivia – 2 days old, with her breathing tube.

Olivia – 1 day old.

Here’s one of the first pictures of Olivia Ann.

And one more of Olivia.

Here’s a picture of Maddie at her birthday party with her daycare friends. This was taken 6/26.

Taken on 4/29/04. Olivia is 27 weeks gestation.

Ultrasound picture of Olivia taken 2/27/04
Ultrasound picture of Olivia taken 2/27/04 stars at the eyes were done by US technician to take measurements

Beautiful Baby Feet
Olivia’s Beautiful Baby Feet.Taken 2/27/04
Big Sister Maddie Rose
Big Sister Maddie Rose

Olivia’s Family: Mom Tricia, big sister Maddie Rose, and Dad Arnie.

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