Welcome Home Rockcats event

We were invited to the Welcome Home dinner for the Rock Cats. It was held at the New Britain Elks Club.

We arrived and asked for Amy, who was our contact for both evenings.

Rocky the mascot was hysterical. He came over, grabbed my camera, took pics of Arnie, Olivia and I and then posed for pics with Olivia. He took someone’s napkin and polished Arnie’s head with it and then PUT THE NAPKIN BACK! He motioned that he was also bald. He took over my camera later in the evening and I found some crazy shots on there!

We were seated at table 15, with the coach’s wife, their two sons, the “voice of the Rock Cats” son, Amy and Bobby, a relief pitcher for the Rock Cats.

Bobby was in a word, AMAZING. He sat and talked to Arnie about baseball. He warmed Olivia up, asking her what she liked and what she didn’t. He really was great. He even offered to throw the ball around with her the next night before she threw out the first pitch. Truly a LOVE.

Dinner was salad, roast beef, corn and potatoes.

Livvy and I both spoke after dinner and thanked the Rockcats for all that they do for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

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