Champion Pizza Party

We were invited to the Champion pizza party at the Foundation. This is where Olivia was officially introduced into the CT Champion family. We got to catch up with some families we already knew and meet a bunch of older champions. I am so proud of her, that she’s part of this “elite” group of miracles. She spent the evening with her “hospital” buddy, Becca. Becca was a micro-preemie and is now 8 years old. They were never in the hospital together but have gotten close from all the events we do together.

While Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals hasn’t approved Olivia yet and therefore it’s not official, Olivia took over the reins from Marcquille who was the 2011 Champion representing CT and CT Children’s Medical Center.

Published April 10, 2012, but backdated to December 27, 2011 for historical purposes