Long overdue update

So it’s been a while, a VERY LONG while. Life gets in the way and I can promise you when you don’t hear from us, it’s because there’s nothing but NORMALCY to report.

I’m not sure what happened to most of the links on this site, I will take a look when I have time (ha) to figure it out.

I’ve been reminded by my husband, my family, my CHILDREN (who are now old enough to read this blog and POST comments on it!). So here’s the very long, very overdue update.

Last you heard from us, it was February, 2010. Here are the highlights since then…

February, 2010

  • We attended Huskython up at UCONN. Met some amazing families and wonderful students.
  • We celebrated Arnie’s 40th birthday with a surprise party at the house.

March, 2010

  • Both girls participated in bowling league at school.
  • Maddie played basketball and Olivia continued swim lessons at the YMCA.
  • We traveled to Disney with my side of the family (10 in total). Crazy week but a lot of fun!

April, 2010

  • Maddie got glasses.

May, 2010

  • I’ve got no memory and nothing written down – so it was boring and normal 😉

June, 2010

  • June 14: We had some “excitement”. Olivia gave us the scare of a lifetime. She was at a local camp for school’s field day. She got overheated and / or dehydrated. We ended up in the ER at CT Children’s to find out it was “nothing but a touch of a bug”. We had 3 visitors while in the ER and the nurse said we must be VIPs ;). After the trip to the ER, Olivia spiked quite the temperature. It was a ROUGH week and I have many more grey hairs.

July, 2010

  • Summer at Mountain Grove Swim Club.
  • Happy birthday to the blondies!!!

August, 2010

  • More summertime at Mountain Grove Swim Club. If it’s possible to be in love with a place (that’s not disney) – we’ve in it.
  • We took a vacation to Hershey / Lancaster PA in late August. Hit up the Amish country, Hershey and Dutch Wonderland.
  • Girl’s physicals – they did great and are growing like weeds.

September, 2010

  • Back to school.
  • Headed to Rehoboth Beach, DE for a family wedding at the end of the month. Had a great time!
  • Cardiology checkup where everything was status quo and we’re given a 9 month pass.

October, 2010

  • Apple Harvest Festival.
  • I started a nutrition and exercise program at Horizon Personal Training.

November, 2010

  • Maddie got contacts to wear during sports.
  • Arnie and I took a long weekend and went to DISNEY by ourselves. It was an amazing vacation and much needed time just reconnecting with each other.
  • Maddie scored TWO baskets during her first basketball game WHILE we were in Disney. (Little stinker!!!)

December, 2010

  • Basketball and more basketball!
  • Early 40th birthday party for me

January, 2011

  • Most of this month was a blur with many nights in the hospital and FEET UPON FEET of snow. Mom had full spinal reconstruction. It was probably harder on me to experience this than it was when Olivia was sick. Why? Because this is my MOM and she’s supposed to be the strong one.
  • At the end of the month, Arnie, the girls and I went to FL to cruise on the new Disney Dream for a travel agent conference. It was an AMAZING vacation and much needed after the month we had.

February, 2011

  • Mom finally comes home. It took 2 hospitals, 2 rehab facilities but she’s home.
  • Huskython, 2011 up at UCONN. Another great weekend and a great fundraiser for CT Children’s Medical Center
  • At the end of the month, I went to NYC with my college friends for a girl’s weekend. We got to see Nathan Lane’s last performance in the Adam’s Family.

March, 2011

  • Maddie got the opportunity to meet her HERO, Caroline Doty, thanks to a dear friend who goes to UCONN. I promise to post the picture, but the child’s head was going to explode from being so happy.
  • The end of basketball, the beginning of chaos.
  • The girls started taking piano lessons. They are really good and Maddie especially has an ear for music. She can already play “Ode to Joy”
  • Maddie decided to join the soccer team at school. Many Saturday mornings driving to Manchester but she’s worth it 🙂
  • Olivia’s the social butterfly juggling many playdates and birthday parties.

April, 2011

  • Announcing Castle Dreams Travel, LLC!! My own agency, specializing in Disney Travel! I’ll still be working FT at the bank, but this is for my retirement. I’m extremely excited to share all my Disney knowledge. Again, NO FEES – Disney pays me after you travel.

May, 2011

  • Drama Club – both girls are involved in the play this year – 101 Dalmatians
  • More soccer games
  • Still going to Horizon, I’m at approximately 40lbs lost. (I’ve been yo-yoing to that since April but I’m not gaining without re-losing it). My clothes fit great and I’m seeing a huge difference.
  • Mountain Grove opening weekend. A little slice of heaven in our backyard…

June, 2011

  • June 2: Olivia had her 9 month cardiology appointment. Everything looked great and we were given a ONE YEAR PASS!!! I’ll admit to having cried but it was such an amazing moment when she said that. Olivia’s done really well so she’s truly “earned it”.
  • Today, June 3: the girls have their play tonight: 101 Dalmatians. I’m super excited to see it all come together. Maddie is Penny (dalmatian) and Olivia is a Scottish Terrier. SOOO CUTE!
  • Maddie’s school year is winding down fast. On June 15 she graduates from St Dominic School. After a lot of lost sleep we decided to send her to JFK Middle School in the fall (public school). She is excited to be with her cousin and neighborhood friends. I believe it’s going to be a good experience for her.

And so that’s where we’re at! I’m under 1000 words so I did pretty good catching everyone up. Pictures coming soon!

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