Happy Birthday Olivia

It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years. In some ways it seems like she was born yesterday and in some ways, it seems like an eternity.

Olivia is an amazing little lady. She LOVES LIFE. Is happy, cheerful. Loves to sing and dance, ride her bike and scooter. She loves being outside!

Olivia is now fully swimming without any floatation device – as long as she can touch the bottom. We’re working on her fears to build up her confidence. She takes swim lessons three times a week at our pool club. She’s also taking tennis lessons!

She has just over another month until she starts KINDERGARTEN! She is more than ready to go.

This time of year makes me reflect back to the night of her birth and how absolutely terrified we were. Tonight as I tucked her into bed I thanked her for being the bravest little girl in the entire world – and for fighting those “booboo’s” better than we could have ever imagined.

We love you Olivia – with all our hearts and souls. Thank you for making our family complete. Here’s to 100 more years!