Quick update

Since I posted the link for the Huskython article, I wanted to post a quick update on everything.

The girls are doing well. We seem to have a stomach bug moving through the house. Olivia got sick on Saturday evening. It was a “one and done” deal. Maddie got sick this evening. We’re hoping it’s another “one and done”.

We’re gearing up for summer already! We found someone to nanny the girls this summer! She’s from town and used to lifeguard at the camp in town. With the nanny they’ll be able to spend the entire summer at the pool club. We think the lack of a structured schedule will do Maddie some good. Maddie will go to camp the last week of the summer as the nanny is heading off to grad school in the fall. We are all VERY excited to see how this works out. The girls are thrilled because they LOVE the person we chose.

25 days until our Make A Wish trip. It seems like it took forever to get here but now it’s coming up very quickly.

Two pictures taken this past weekend at a birthday party:

Maddie rides a  pony

Olivia rides a pony