5th anniversary of Olivia’s diagnosis

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Olivia’s diagnosis. While the anniversary has turned into a day of celebrations instead of tears, it’s still been a week of emotions for me.

I’m SO thankful that she’s doing well. I’m thankful for every giggle and every moment she acts like a drama queen. I’m thankful for her cuddles, snuggles and kisses. I’m thankful for all the good news we get when going to her preschool “parent / teacher conferences”. I’m even thankful for the many many moments where she and Maddie are fighting.

When the bad memories creep in, I remind myself of all the good. All the moments that most people take for granted we instead catch our breath. When I ask her to stop jumping in the kitchen – there’s a moment where I stop and am thankful that she’s able to jump.

Happy Anniversary Miss O. May you celebrate another 95 of these!!!

Huskython 2009

February 21/22 was Huskython 2009. We had the pleasure of being invited again this year. However, this year we learned our lesson and booked a room at the Nathan Hale Inn on campus so we could come back the morning of the 22nd.

For our new readers – Huskthon is an annual dance a thon that is sponsored by the students of the University Of CT (UCONN). Last year they raised $56K that was donated to CT Children’s Medical Center. They dance from 6pm until 12noon the next day – no sitting or anything!

When we walked into the actual field house there was a group of students lined up on either side of the door and they were cheering as we walked through. Try NOT to cry – it was a very emotional moment.

We were sponsored again by Delta Gamma. They are a GREAT group of ladies and it was a pleasure spending time with them again. They had 40 dancers this year and they raised over $8K themselves.

It was great watching my girls have such a fun time with everyone. They are already talking about next year’s event! And the best part was when they announced the total for the event… Over $100K

was raised for CT Children’s Medical Center. Yes, I cried 🙂

Pictures for Huskython are .


Please pray for our Lily

Our best heart buddy Lily is going in for the Fontan today in Boston. Her website is https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/lilyfetridge

Please pray for Lily, for the surgeons, for her parents and her sisters. I’m heading up there tomorrow after work to spend Wednesday with them.

The Belfonti’s are doing well and I’ll post an all around update soon.