Olivia's 4 yr checkup

Overall it was a great appt.

She weighed 34 3/4lbs and was 39 3/4″ tall (weight gain of 4 1/4 lbs and grew 2″ since February) cheering.gif She is staying on her growth chart of just shy of 50%.

The eye exam didn’t go well at ALL – she claimed she couldn’t see when we covered one eye up. More info on that in a minute.

BP was 88/? – the lower # isn’t as important as the high # which was perfect.

She and I both got our flu shots. Arnie and Maddie will go next week to get theirs.

We discussed the antibiotics – do we need to increase the dose? She said yes and then said “have you tried chewable antibiotics with her?” I was thrilled to be handed an rx for those! We’ll fill that via mail order – so no more every other week trips to the pharmacy!

She’ll need an updated pneumovax vaccine at 7 yrs old.

Next year she’ll need the following shots: MMR / Chicken Pox booster and then the DTAP and Polio (which are one shot now).

Now about the eye exam: we are going to make an appt with a pedi eye dr. She could have some sort of thing going on where she can’t see well out of one eye – the fix for that is a patch and / or drops to blur the “good” eye and make the bad eye stronger. She commented “thankfully we found this now and not before” – I am not nervous about it at all – at least there’s no surgery needed, right?

We have an appt on Tuesday morning at 8:20am. I’ll post an update after.

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