Updates on the girls

Olivia has a cold. It’s a doozy but it doesn’t keep her down because that’s Olivia for ya. She had started to croup before vacation so we gave her one dose of the steroids and brought with us on vacation. It nipped whatever was brewing in the bud. Then we came back and she was crouping a little bit – but not enough to warrant the steroids so we didn’t give her anymore. Well, the cold came on full blast.

She LOVES school. LOVES.IT! She is loving life and comes home talking about all these different kids (someone new every day). She started swimming class on Wednesday night. You’d have thought it was Christmas Eve. She was so excited asking every 5 minutes if it was time to leave for swimming yet. I didn’t go with her (back to school night at Maddie’s school) – but Arnie said she was practically jumping up and down waiting to go down to the pool. She was the polar opposite of the little girl who was screaming and crying.

Maddie is going to have an EXCELLENT year. She has a new teacher – first year for the teacher so she’s got a lot of new ideas. She’s a DOLL. Funniest thing: Monday M came home and said “I have 6 pages of math tonight (eek) “. We trudged through it and internally I was panicking over how she was going to be able to do extra curricular activities if the workload is that steep every night. They have a daily planner with their homework assignments in it but I didn’t think to check it. We just did the work.

Tuesday she comes home and says “Guess what – we did WAY too much last night for math!” So she was a bit ahead of things for the week wink.gif. We even covered homework for lessons that weren’t given yet. The teacher sent home a note apologizing and I emailed her back. Next time I question the amount of homework she’s been given we’ll re-check the planner which had the right homework assignment written in it.

I know I haven’t posted our Disney pics yet – I promise they’ll be posted this weekend.

Olivia's 4 yr checkup

Overall it was a great appt.

She weighed 34 3/4lbs and was 39 3/4″ tall (weight gain of 4 1/4 lbs and grew 2″ since February) cheering.gif She is staying on her growth chart of just shy of 50%.

The eye exam didn’t go well at ALL – she claimed she couldn’t see when we covered one eye up. More info on that in a minute.

BP was 88/? – the lower # isn’t as important as the high # which was perfect.

She and I both got our flu shots. Arnie and Maddie will go next week to get theirs.

We discussed the antibiotics – do we need to increase the dose? She said yes and then said “have you tried chewable antibiotics with her?” I was thrilled to be handed an rx for those! We’ll fill that via mail order – so no more every other week trips to the pharmacy!

She’ll need an updated pneumovax vaccine at 7 yrs old.

Next year she’ll need the following shots: MMR / Chicken Pox booster and then the DTAP and Polio (which are one shot now).

Now about the eye exam: we are going to make an appt with a pedi eye dr. She could have some sort of thing going on where she can’t see well out of one eye – the fix for that is a patch and / or drops to blur the “good” eye and make the bad eye stronger. She commented “thankfully we found this now and not before” – I am not nervous about it at all – at least there’s no surgery needed, right?

We have an appt on Tuesday morning at 8:20am. I’ll post an update after.

Today Olivia started preschool

Someone hold me!

I know I’ve been a bad blogger. We just got back from Disney. Vacation was WET but wonderful. More on that once I catch up on sleep and life in general. Plus pictures – trust me, I took PICTURES. We have almost 1000 from our camera. And almost 300 photopass pics that Disney took.

This little girl is now a preschooler. Where has the time gone?

She grew from this:

To this: