Quick Update

Greetings from Waltham, MA. I’m here for training this week and of course one of the girls has to be sick when Mama’s away!

The unlucky child this time is Maddie – our child with the immunity of steel. She started a fever on Saturday afternoon right after making her first communion. Sunday it was up to 103. Monday she was ok but not 100% so Arnie took her to see Dr. Friedman at 4:15pm. She was diagnosed with a sinus infection. Today she’s feeling almost 100% but woke up with a slight fever so Arnie stayed home with the girls.

Olivia had her INR level tested on Friday and it came back at 2.1!!! PERFECTION! We have to go back on May 30 for a retest. What a relief!

Prayers are needed for two of our heart friends.

First is our friend Sammy who is having his fontan tomorrow in Boston. Ironically I’m here in the Boston area so I’m going to try and get over to see them either tomorrow or on Thursday. Erika’s been a wonderful source of support for me and I’ll be happy to return the favor.

Second is for our friend who is having some issues with lower than expected O2 levels post Fontan. His doctors have decided he needs to have his fenestration closed. A fenestration is a small hole that was created in his heart during his Fontan surgery. (Note: Olivia doesn’t have a fenestration as Dr. Mello does a different type of surgery than they do up here in Boston). His mom Ruth describes it better than I do.

Please stop by both websites to offer your support and prayers.

Please keep both families in your prayers.

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