More on the INR levels and other stuff…

After the last blood draw I emailed Dr. Heller to make sure we’re not missing something. We were at 2.02 at one point and then it dropped off after going to a compounded formula.

Dr. Heller and I emailed back and forth and then at her suggestion I called Beacon Pharmacy (where we have her meds mixed). I spoke with the compound pharmacist who said the meds are good for 3 months in the fridge. We’re going to make sure to mix the heck out of the meds before giving it to her so we’re hoping to have better results from the blood draw on Friday.

Now on to the “Things “Normal” Parents Don’t Worry About” file:

Monday morning Olivia fell out of bed in the morning. We woke up to a thud and a scream at 5AM. Scared the you-know-what out of both of us. Arnie got her back to bed with her music and I fell back to sleep. She came into bed around 6:30am complaining about a headache. And she fell asleep on the way to Diana’s.

Now anyone else wouldn’t have to worry but we have to … we have to worry about bleeding in the brain from the fall, etc. I called Diana three times yesterday to make sure Olivia was fine. She was fine but it’s things like this that remind us that even though life is amazing … it’s never “normal”.

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