April 1 – we are tubeless!

And that’ s no joke!

It took ALL day (until 9:30PM) but we finally got the tube out! It had really stopped draining and we now know why … it was twisted two times over right near her stomach! (eek!) Katie took it out and after I asked if Dr. Mello would have removed it anyway. She said yes.

So tomorrow is the big day. Release day. We get to go home and live our lives forever and always … without anything hanging over our heads anymore.

Sorry for no update today but I kept waiting so we could post this.

5 thoughts on “April 1 – we are tubeless!

  1. You go, Miss O!!! Maddie will be so happy to have you and Mommy back at home.
    Answered prayers to have you healing so fast, we can’t wait to hear that you are back
    at home again! Sweet dreams this last night in the hospital.

  2. Yeah Miss O! Can’t wait to visit you at home!!! xxxxxoooo from all of us

  3. that is the most wonderful news! God is most definitely good! It’s like a new birthday for her all over again, isn’t it?

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