March 31 – a good day

We walked and walked and walked some more today. I think we did at least 7 laps today. She was cracking up the nurses because they would hear her coming. A lot were very impressed with how mobile she is but then again, this is our Olivia we’re talking about!

Even Katie commented on how frequently the fontan kids lie in bed for 2 weeks waiting for the chest tubes to dry up and then they forget how to walk … Olivia’s been cruising the halls since she came up here. Plus I believe it’s been really good for her to drain while being up. She didn’t nap long today and was WIPED out by bedtime. By 9PM she was snoozing away. Woke up at 10PM to pee and then immediately back to sleep.

Kate was our nurse today and she pretty much gave us free reign to walk. We were disconnected for hours today which allowed us to come and go as we pleased. We still had to use the grocery cart to put her chest tube drainage chamber in (and at one point even the IV pump for her antibiotics) but it was well worth it. Olivia really enjoyed the change of scenery as well.

Eating today was almost normal: She had a blueberry waffle and bacon for breakfast; blackberries for snack (yummy); a hotdog and ice cream for lunch; popsicle for snack and then she picked at dinner today (spaghetti with sauce, chocolate chip cookie, shake).

She has been fighting us (well, me) on taking medicines – even TYLENOL. So we had to start bribing with M&Ms. The coumodin has to be crushed and we finally found the magic potion — apple juice in a syringe. We told her it was in there because I didn’t want it coming back out.

No blood draws or chest xrays today. It was pretty much a mellow day. The cardiologist covering the floor, Dr. Salazar, didn’t see a point in sticking her today to check her INR levels since somehow she got less of a dose than was originally prescribed (we were supposed to be given 1.5 – up from 1.0; she was given 1.25). No need to check it since it wasn’t the right dose. I like her thinking :).

Olivia’s back to acting like Olivia. Sweet; shy; loving; giggly. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing her sweet giggle which she shared with me all day. We sat and watched Chicken Little and she giggled away. Oh I love this child!!!

Poor Maddie was really praying we’d be home tonight. She was angry that she couldn’t come up to see us but after school, drama club practice and homework … there really wasn’t much time. Add to that Arnie coming in late and she’s dragging in the morning. I told her we’ll be here at least two more nights because I cannot break her heart again :(. Hearing her cry made me want to cry. It is tough because it’s “crash” week for the drama club as their opening night for their play is Friday night. Tomorrow night they’re practicing until 8PM so she’s going to be wiped out still.

So that’s where we’re at. I’m hoping tomorrow is “the day” … but if two more days guarantees me that we don’t have to come back in because it was too soon, then I’ll wait. I’ve not got cabin fever just yet ;). Olivia and I are just craving home – the food, the comforts, our beds, our Maddie & Daddy.

I’ll post again tomorrow to let you know what’s up!

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