Update for March 30

It’s been a GREAT day. And you know what? Tomorrow might even be BETTER because there’s talk that … WE.MIGHT.BE.COMING.HOME…TOMORROW!!!

Dr. Mello came in to find Maddie & Olivia in bed together. Maddie was playing with playdoh and Olivia was drawing with markers. Kind of looked like this:

but with markers and playdoh. Note: this was taken yesterday

Dr. Mello is VERY pleased with Olivia’s progress. Said if he weren’t so conservative we’d be heading home today! (insert a fainting smile right here ;)). But he anticipates we’ll be out of here either tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest!!!

Olivia and I had a good night. I got her to finally sleep around 9:30PM. She woke up around 4AM and after peeing and drinking more she watched Sleeping Beauty twice while I “snored” according to her ;). She ate mostly fruit for breakfast and then ate half a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Progress…

We went to the playroom after she walked about half the floor. She’s having a great day. Took a nap while Arnie watched the UCONN game. Now is watching Garfield with Maddie and just hanging out.

So we’re almost done. ALMOST. And I cannot wait to bring my baby girl home from the hospital for the final time!!!

4 thoughts on “Update for March 30

  1. Tricia- I’ve been gone and away from the internet and I am so happy to come home and see such a beautiful picture of two beautiful girls!!!! Looks like things are going well. I am so happy!! I’ve been worried!

    Christie Hayes

  2. That is great news…. Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Lots of hugs and kisses coming your way! All of you are in my prayers, as always! Love ya~ HEATHER

  3. Dear Olivia – In our almost daily visits to you in the hospital you brought tears to our eyes when you were in pain and shed tears but you were brave beyond your years. You brought smiles to our faces when you smiled your special smile as the pain and discomfort abated. You brought joy to our hearts when you walked for the first time in the hospital– in spite of your initial fear. And then you smiled your very special smile again. We love you so much.

    Nana and Poppy

  4. Hi Olivia, It was so great to see you walk to the playroom Saturday morning. You are the best! Hope you are able to go home today.

    Thanks also to Arnie and Tricia for doing such a great job of keeping us up-to-date on your progress and
    hugs to Maddie for being such a special big sister. love to you all, Auntie Mare

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