18 days until D-Day

We have a date. March 24. Day after Easter. March 24.

I called Maria today because I hadn’t heard from her and I know she works part time. She answered and we scheduled the surgery.

We go see Dr. Mello (surgeon) on Monday, March 10 at 3pm to see him, get blood work done and a chest x-ray (oh, I’m SO looking forward to that — NOT). We played a game tonight where I put her on the kitchen table and I’d give her a candy every time she’d let go of me. It didn’t go far because she was FREAKING out :( I’m just praying they’ll do the xray standing up because otherwise I don’t know how we’re going to be able to do it otherwise. Or I’ll have to wait outside the room with Maddie.

Speaking of Maddie, we have an appointment with Child Life for another tour along with a showing of the icu room for Olivia. I explained how Maddie is having a hard time with everything so they’ll help us with that as well. The tour is at 2PM and it’ll be me and the girls as Arnie isn’t able to get to the appt until 3:30pm.

I’m just so worried about my Maddie – she’s going to have such a hard time with it all. Thankfully she’ll be with my mom that day as I know she’ll be able to distract her all day. Maddie doesn’t have school that day and in a way I’m relieved because I know she wouldn’t be focused at school.

March 24. 18 days until we’re on the other side of it all. We’ll finally be past it all and we can move on with our lives. 18 days until we’re past something we waited 4+ years for.

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