First we’ll cover HuskyThon.

Saturday evening we went up to UCONN for Huskython 2008 which is a fundraiser for CCMC.

We had a sorority as our hostesses for the night – they “sponsored” Olivia and had gifts for her and everything: they gave her a doodlebear that they marked “We love Olivia” on one hand and “Love, Delta Gamma” on the other (they wrote it in fabric marker so it wouldn’t come off in the wash). Olivia also received TWO children’s books written by a student at UCONN (and personally signed for her “Keep wishing”). Olivia also got a HUGE Gund stuffed dog from UCONN.

We were one of 24 families introduced at the opening ceremonies. We walked up to the stage, they took a picture of our family and then the Delta Gamma representative lit a candle in our honor. Then the president of DG came over to introduce herself – and it turns out she is head lifeguard at Maddie’s camp!!! She recognized Maddie!

It was a bit overwhelming at that point because we had 15 girls coming over to introduce themselves and meet Olivia. We took a picture with everyone (which came out great and I’ll post it this week). Then it was time to PLAY. They had Antique Photos, caricatures, photos in front of a green screen that turned into us in front of the Eiffel Tower (lol) and bouncy twister (twister on a moon bounce). The girls were always playing with Olivia and Maddie and making sure we didn’t need anything. They were just WONDERFUL!

We didn’t realize how wonderful the event was going to be and we know for next year to get a hotel room so we can go back in the morning because these kids stayed on their feet for 18 hours! 18 hours to raise money for our hospital.

There were themes overnight. The first theme was “Wonderful World of Disney” and so someone gave Olivia a crown which she wore ALL NIGHT LONG lol.gif. The last theme on Sunday was to be “white out” and the girls had made shirts: “Delta Gamma loves CCMC” on the front and on the back it said “Olivia is our hero”. I’m hoping to get a picture of one of those shirts – it just brings tears to my eyes thinking about all the love and support we felt that night.

Now people may say “why do you need to help raise money for the hospital? You have insurance!” What you don’t realize is that there are so many things that aren’t covered by insurance: Our tour with the child life specialist – that’s not covered by insurance and the hospital provides them for free. Likewise all the toys, books, games, family rooms that I can stay in while Olivia is in the hospital, etc that we utilize when we go to the hospital aren’t covered by insurance – they are paid for using the money raised during these fund raisers. Plus these people gave me Olivia. Without them our situation would be so different and it’s the least I can do!

We saw Scott from the CCMC Foundation on Tuesday and he told us they raised almost $57,000 for the hospital – a 400% increase in one year.

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  1. Sounds like it was a very special event you will always remember. You all deserve it! That you were helping to raise money for the hospital while being treated like royalty is just icing on the cake!

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