Two weeks to go

So we’re two weeks until the Cath. Actually in two weeks, we’ll be already DONE with the Cath.

We’re doing pretty good overall. I had a rough couple of weeks when we found out but I’m feeling very good right now. Ask me in a week how I’m feeling and you may get a very different answer ;)

I have an outstanding email in to Dr. Leopold and Dr. Heller to ask about the likelihood of Olivia needing to stay overnight. It’s more a planning issue for me – I know what I need if I need to stay overnight but Olivia’s bag would be different. I guess I need to pack as if we’re staying overnight and go from there.

We had a house of sickness the past week. Both Arnie and Olivia came down with stomach bugs last Monday night. Arnie was DEATHLY ill but got over it relatively quick. Olivia was sick from Monday pm until Friday pm and didn’t truly start acting “normal” until Sunday. Poor princess went so far as to get sick in Dr. Friedman’s office and then apologized to her about it. It broke both our hearts. Thankfully Maddie and I have been able to avoid the bug thus far so I’m hoping we’re out of the woods now. Must have been all the lysol I used!

2 thoughts on “Two weeks to go

  1. Hi Tricia and Arnie,
    When Ewan had his pre-fontan cath, he stayed for 2 nights (unusual) as he ran a low grade fever after the procedure. The docs said it was a result of the coils they placed to block off colaterals. A fever is a natural response to the “foreign object” placed in his body. His heart buddy Jacob, however, came home the same day as his cath. He had no coils placed. So I guess it will depend on what they find when they get in there. And you’re right, prepared for an overnight and maybe you’ll go home the same day! Best wishes and we’ll keep you all in our prayers.
    Ruth, Dan, Zoe, Ewan and Aidan

  2. Tricia, Miss Olivia, Arnie, and Maddie,
    You are in our prayers.

    Tricia – “be still and know….”

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