Four years ago today …

Olivia was diagnosed. Last year I almost forgot until late in the day. Today I didn’t forget but it was a good day as I was with her all day.

After dinner I toasted her and said “beepedy beep beep beep to you Dr. Roque” LOL. The girls laughed because they don’t know what those beeps mean.

Four years. FOUR YEARS. How things have changed in four years.

I love you princess … Happy Anniversary! You’re the best thing EVER!

We LOVE our Delta Gamma Girls!

This is going to make no sense to anyone who wasn’t at Huskython last night and I’ll elaborate later but I just wanted to post that we love our Delta Gamma girls!

Thank you so much for being such amazing hostesses – for making us all feel so special and welcome. I hope you’re not all too tired this morning and we appreciate you all so much!

The girls had a ball!!!