2008 = The Year of the Fontan

We met with Dr. Heller this morning.

So it’s time. Olivia is doing EXTREMELY well. All her vitals are perfect: Oxygen is 81%. BPM: 113. BP: 79/55.

Weight was 32 lbs (14.7 kg). Yep, .3 kg away from that magic number of 15 kg. Which means we’re REALLY close to the fontan. As in this year. (insert puking smiley here).

Olivia is slowing down. She gets winded easily. We hear her coming with her huffing and puffing. She turns blue when she’s winded. All these things mean it’s time.

(insert puking smiley here).

So it’s really based on what’s convenient to us. Which is whacked out when you think about it – “When is it convenient for you to allow us to cut your daughter and open her chest and perform heart surgery on her?” I’m kidding – well, sort of ;). We thought about waiting until the summer but then we have to worry about Maddie and camp. If she’s at school I know she’s in good hands (both physically AND emotionally). Plus Dr. Heller made a very good point in that we know it’s now going to happen so why wait 6 months and torture ourselves that long when we could just have three months of torture while waiting for surgery.

So the next step is the pre-Fontan cath. We’re going to do this in February. There are two Dr’s who do the caths. One I’m not familiar with and Dr. Leopold. We’d feel more comfortable using Dr. Leopold so that’s who we’ll be using if at all possible. Plus he won’t be a complete stranger to Olivia as she had a conversation with him this morning when he asked her if she was having cereal for breakfast and she corrected him to let him know she had BLUEBERRIES for breakfast and this was a snack. LOL.

Then it’ll be late March / early April for the Fontan. I have a major release happening in early March so I’d rather wait until after that is done. Being a good corporate citizen and all even though I’ve already been told by work that the most important thing is that Miss Olivia has her surgery when it’s the right schedule for HER and not my work.

Dr. Heller says we’re doing this now when it’s the right time for Olivia. She says this is her “favorite” time to do it which made me laugh.

We are planning on Olivia taking 4 weeks to recover. One week in the hospital is what we’re expecting but it could be as long as 2 weeks depending on how long her chest tubes are draining. Then she’ll need a week or two at home to get back on her feet.

Olivia will be fine. She is going to bounce back and be fine. And I’m going to repeat that saying until we’re home post-Fontan and we can go back to living our lives. She’ll then be DONE and we won’t have anything hanging over our heads anymore.

I need a Disney vacation to look forward to. Someone call the Fairy Godmother for me? 😉

2 thoughts on “2008 = The Year of the Fontan

  1. Year of the Fontan for us, too, though Sammy’s barely pushing 22 pounds. Not sure how CHB makes the designation, other than “he’s ready”. Ugh. Our cath is Feb 7th with the expectation that the Fontan will probably be May-June. There are a few of us Fontans this year, from what I can figure.

    Good times. At least we can “pukey smile” through this together.


  2. My thoughts & prayers are with you. I had been thinking that it was about time. The voice of experience, for what it is worth, says do it as early as possible & get it behind you. In waiting it can only become worse & it still has to be done. If Olivia is turning blue now, what will she turn in six months if you wait until summer? She could only be more uncomfortable.
    You have two families to pray her through this. God bless you!

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