Long overdue update

No news is good news but it’s time to update!

Note: Image heavy post so you’ve been warned 😉


September was the start of Second Grade for Maddie! She LOVES her teachers and is doing well in school overall.

We took advantage of a long weekend and went to Hershey, PA. The girls had a ball as did we. You can see all the pictures

October brought the first cold of the winter for Olivia. It spanned about 3 weeks and the poor kid just couldn’t kick it. Croup? Had it. She came out with some cute “Olivia-isms” though: She told us “My cough is broken” when she got croup. And then told us “My sleep is broken” when she couldn’t sleep. So. stinking. CUTE!

Halloween was great as we were able to finally Trick Or Treat in our neighborhood. We have been trick or treating in this neighborhood for 3 years but now it’s OUR neighborhood!

November meant the start of Brownies for Maddie. We joined a different troop this year and we’re VERY happy with it. They are doing true activities and having a ball! She also joined Chorus after school and loves that. To round out her activities we signed her up for Slamma Jamma basketball camp which is 6 weeks. She LOVES basketball and this is definitely something we’ll be pursuing for her.

November also brought on Maddie’s first fever in a LONG time. It took her a couple days to kick and then she was herself again.

Olivia started Sunday School at our church. She is LOVING the play time and also the stories. The sunday school crew came into Mass on November 18 and said a prayer and sang a few songs. I had one of those “they said she wouldn’t make it” moments where I got very emotional.

Thanksgiving was at my sister’s house this year. We have so much to be thankful for and it was so wonderful sharing the day with our family. Olivia ate more than all the rest of the kids combined. I was teasing her that the turkey was bigger than she was and she could fit in the pan. She said “No mama because then I’d get burnt in the oven”.


Finally I’ll leave you with some of the crazy pictures the girls took when posing for our Christmas pics.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi Belfonti family,

    It is good to see all is well with your family! I like to check my friends blogs from time to time and was surprised to see an update from you guys… slackers 🙂 Have a happy holidays and look forward to seeing your card!


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