Update on the “broken” leg

Yes, I put “broken” in quotes … because it wasn’t actually broken!

After getting home pre-Dawn on Saturday we went to sleep. Olivia woke up still in pain. By 11AM however she realized she could walk and there was no stopping her! She was bouncing around the house and we practically had to sit on her to slow her down a bit. I attributed it to good pain meds and a good wrap of the leg.

On Sunday she was full of energy. But Sunday night she started to complain her other leg was hurting. We called Dr. Friedman to make sure we didn’t need to go back to the hospital. She recommended we sleep in our beds and call her in the morning. Whew…

First thing Monday morning I called to make an appt for orthopedics – the earliest they could give us was Tuesday and that was after much arguing with the receptionist. Olivia was in so much pain I was carrying her around. I brought her to Dr. Friedman’s office to have her look at Olivia. Dr. F determined the source of the pain was her hip / upper leg and wanted us to head back to CCMC for another XRay and more bloodwork. Lovely …

I was paranoid they were going to report us to DCF and it had never crossed her mind because she knows us – but someone who didn’t might think there’s something suspicious going on. So she called ahead to let them know we’re not abusing her.

Olivia HATES xrays. I don’t know why but she HATES them. So it was with many MANY tears and a few gags we were done. Next was bloodwork – Olivia wasn’t a fan but didn’t get hysterical like the xray.

We then came home to chill out and relax until Tuesday.

Tuesday we headed BACK to CCMC for our orthopedic appt. We saw a PA who took one look at Olivia and said her leg couldn’t be broken or she’d not be running around like a crazy woman. He removed the bandages and she started walking around without any problems.

The diagnosis was joint pain which at the time I didn’t believe. However I have since come down with a nasty virus that included TERRIBLE joint pain … so there you go!

No broken leg and we’ll take it! :)

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