broken leg

Guess who has a broken leg?

Yep, Miss Olivia!

She woke up from her nap yesterday and told Diana her leg hurt. There was no bruise or cut or anything and Olivia moved on to something else.

By the time Arnie got home with her, she was hysterical crying that her leg hurt. We thought she was overtired and we were able to calm her.  Arnie and I had a date and Olivia was fine so we dropped the girls off at Memere and Pepere’s house. The boys were there so the girls were very excited to be there. Olivia was limping a bit but otherwise in good spirits when we left.

Three songs into Taylor Hick’s concert – Arnie’s phone rang.  It was Memere telling us she had spoken with Dr. Friedman and they were taking her to the hospital! (EEK).  It took me all of 2 seconds to process what she was saying. I took one more look at Taylor singing and we headed out the door.

Memere and Auntie drove Olivia to the hospital and we headed directly there as we were on the opposite end of the state.   Dr. F was concerned about the fact that Olivia’s knee hurt and it could be an issue of an encapsuiated virus had attacked her knee (since she doesn’t have a spleen).
We were finally seen at 10:20PM by a nurse (who recognized Olivia’s name from the PICU).  They were busy and things moved slowly.  They got us a bed and Olivia was chilling out watching tv. A nurse brought us some videos to play and Olivia was content to flirt with the doctors and nurses. Nurse Fiona got the IV started on the FIRST try! WOOHOO.  Olivia flinched but didn’t cry … what a trooper.

The resident, Dr Collin was so sweet with Olivia. They did a lot of tickling to determine where the pain was.  It appeared to be the knee cap and all signs pointed to the

virus. EXCEPT for the bloodwork which came back perfect…
Then we finally went to xrays Olivia had decided she was DONE. She screamed and cried just lying on the xray table. I was practically lying on top of her to try and comfort her. They took a bunch of xrays to see if anything was going on – and there it was!  The outside of her right leg just above her knee was fractured.  At least we had a source of the pain!

Dr. Collin put a temporary cast on her leg and we were home and in bed by 3:30AM.

Today she’s a ball of energy on 4 hours of sleep.  We keep reminding her “your leg is broken … sit down…”

nothing keeps this kid down!

We call on Monday for an appt with the orthopedic dr.

3 thoughts on “broken leg

  1. OMG! Poor Olivia! I hope she mends soon. And you’re right. Heart trouble or no heart trouble, nothing seems to slow these 3 year olds down. Our best wishes to Olivia (and to mommy and daddy too!) for a quick recovery.
    The Kennedys
    Ruth, Dan, Zoë, heart buddy Ewan and Baby Aidan

  2. We can’t believe this happened to her after all that she’s been
    through! I’m glad to see she’s still going strong however, so
    at least it’s not too painful any longer. Any clues as to how
    she may have fractured the leg? I’m sorry also you had to
    miss your date night, be sure to reschedule another. Hugs and
    kisses from all of us, hang in there! (BTW Trish, send us your
    personal e-mail address).

  3. Hi Olivia, Maddie, Tricia and Arnie, Happy to hear that a broken leg isn’t keeping Olivia
    down — or the rest of the family. Hope Olivia feels better real soon. Let me know
    if there is anything that I can do to help. love you all, Auntie Mare

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