Olivia is sick

Never a dull moment…


Olivia started a fever on the evening of July 20th.  She said her tummy hurt. We gave her tylenol and she was fine the next day.


Fast forward to July 27th. Again, she spiked a temp and had a bit of a belly ache which went along with soft stools.  We kept her on the tylenol all weekend with the belly ache progressing to full out diahrrea. 

I finally called Dr. Friedman on Sunday because I was starting to freak out a bit.  She said that Olivia’s stomach issues were a GOOD

thing as  we knew based on that it wasn’t her heart.

 Of course, Murphy’s Law, I had to leave Sunday evening for training in Boston.

 Arnie took Olivia to see Dr. F on Monday. She confirmed it’s just a stomach bug.  Yesterday Olivia spent the day with Memere.  And her stomach thing seemed to have been kicked up a notch.

Today she’s with Nana and Poppy. Arnie called Dr. F again this am who said it’s just a virus and we need to ride it out.


I feel so bad that I’m not with my princess when she’s not feeling well.  I miss them so much to begin with and it’s ten times worse because she’s sick.


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