Aaron's new heart!

Tuesday night I got a call at 11:45PMb I remember thinking “This can’t be good”.  And I answered and it was Mike, Aaron’s dad. And he told me “We got the heart!”  I immediately sat up and asked for details.  He had none but was headed to Boston.

Aaron went into surgery on Wednesday evening at 5:30pm.  The heart arrived at the hospital at 8:00PM. They made the first incision at 8:30pm and Aaron was back in ICU by 11pm.  When they connected his new heart it IMMEDIATELY started beating – no assistance was needed.

About Aaron’s donor -  the donor was a 20 month old child. We don’t know where the family is but they are TRULY amazing people to have decided to donate all their child’s organs.  I hope they one day know how much we all appreciate what they did.

I apologize for having not updated sooner – I was honestly in another world this week. It was so surreal for me.  From Tuesday night until today I’ve been in a fog. Full of joy for Aaron and his family and yet so heartbroken for the family of the donor.

Please pray for the family of the donor – they are obviously amazing people to have made this decision that has affected so many people.

Aaron is doing amazingly well -  the breathing tube was removed yesterday and he’s starting to wake up.

To witness a miracle is humbling and emotionally exhausting. And that’s exactly what Aaron’s heart is … a miracle …

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