Long time no update

But, no updates means everyone is doing great!

I’m putting the cut here since I have some pictures to share.

Miss Olivia is doing amazing! The potty training thing wasn’t a fluke and she’s done amazingly well. She still wears pullups at night but otherwise she’s dry all day!

She is a chatty Cathy! She jabbers all day long. And most of the time her pronouncation is very good. My favorite word she mispronounces consistently is “yacht” for :a lot”. “Mama I want a yacht” “Livvy – we don’t have the money to buy a yacht!” She is so stinking cute I could EAT her.

Miss Maddie is getting SO big! She is tall and all legs. She is a stunner already and her teen years scare me. Still doing great in school although she’s struggling a little bit with Math (which makes no sense to me since I was a math major). I think part of the problem is she’s rushing to finish her work and not going back to review after she’s done. But she’s 6 so that will come with time.

We’re really trying to get out and enjoy the weather now that it’s nice. A few weeks ago we went to Lake Compounce for the Miracle Ride day. It’s a group of Harley riders who started a fundraiser to raise money for CCMC. They start the ride at Bushnell Park in Hartford, go by the hospital and then finished their ride in Bristol at Lake Compounce. Each biker pays $40 – $50 to join the ride. We had fun at the park that day (we didn’t ride bikes there ).

We also went to Six Flags New England recently. We had SO much fun! They have an entire section dedicated to the Wiggles. We got to ride the Big Red Car and everything. Wiggles music playing throughout. OK, maybe I enjoyed that section more than the kids ;). The girls were excited to meet Dorpthy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword.

My digital camera battery charger is in a box somewhere so I had to take 35mm pics which are getting developed. I’ll post them soon but for now I do have these pics to share.



A closeup of Olivia’s pigtails!

And Miss Maddie:
Hope all is well with everyone and I’ll try and update again soon!

One thought on “Long time no update

  1. Hi Trish and family,

    Wow, have I been remiss in keeping up with this website!!! I can’t believe how the girls have grown.
    I guess that’s just the way life is.

    I have put Aaron on prayer line. Did he have the surgery or is the infection still a factor? Keep me in
    the loop.

    Love to all

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