The long overdue update

Here we go …

So it’s been a LONG time since I last updated. And a LOT has happened.

First off (and most surprisingly to everyone, myself included) is that we MOVED! I’ll give you a minute to recover. I’m still recovering and I lived through it 😉

It happened so nonchalantly, so innocently.

Jan 13: My birthday. We went to see Disney On Ice with the girls. I cried tears of joy. Mickey! Goofy! It’s a Small World scene! What more can a girl ask for on her birthday?

Jan 14: Arnie takes me to dinner at Anthony Jack’s. Best Green Beans … Anywhere!

He mentions over dinner that he’d like to look for a new house in the next few years. I laugh and say “I don’t want a big mortgage”. I think this is the end of the discussion.

We head back to pick up the girls at my parent’s house. My sister (the Realtor) is there. Arnie mentions to her about the house. Next thing I know we’re going to “just look” because it “can’t hurt to look”.

Jan 15: We see two houses. House #1 is nice but we’d be back at square one with remodeling bathrooms and such. House #2 is eh at best. Talk about remodeling.

Jan 16: We see “THE HOUSE”. It’s 4 houses down from my sister’s house. Great neighborhood. Excellent neighbors. Price is right. House is in GREAT condition.

Jan 17: We put a bid on the house – asking price. I am sitting in the realtor’s office saying “What are we doing?”

Jan 18: Our house goes on the market.

Jan 19: We get an offer – asking price. We wait 24 hours to accept because we had 10 showings on Jan 20.

Feb 20: We close on our old house.

Feb 21: We get keys for new house

Feb 22: We move in.

So, the moral to the story is if you want to woo me – it’s all about Disney and “It’s a Small World”.

The house is GREAT. It’s a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath colonial. Olivia wasn’t a fan during the interim where all our stuff was on the truck. My girlie wanted to go HOME. Not “this one” the “other one”. Once her bed was set up she was a happy girl. Maddie is loving being so close to her auntie and the boys. I’m loving all the extra space. It was previously professionally decorated and it was painted with our furniture in mind.

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  1. WOW!! That was quick!! Our house has been on the market for 2 months now and only 2 showings, the market has been really slow around here. Congrats on your new house!!

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