The moral of the story is expired medicine is better than no medicine. Especially at 1:30AM.

After the move, I noticed Miss O was starting to sound croupy.  Of course I had thrown out the croup meds when I was cleaning out our old fridge since it had expired sometime last year.

Sunday evening at 9:30 she woke up sounding TERRIBLE. I was truly frightened and thought about calling Dr. Friedman and / or taking her to the hospital.  We steamed up a bathroom and she seemed to improve.  At 1:30AM we had to take her outside (in the snow) to calm the cough.  She was still croupy but a bit better.

I brought her to Dr. Friedman’s at 10AM yesterday.  She definitely has croup and she recommended we keep the meds even AFTER they expire.  Point taken 😉

During the appt we also picked up fluoride tablets for both girls since the new house has well water.

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