3 years ago today …

I was reading another heart family’s journal.  They were talking about how they had found out three years ago yesterday about their child’s heart condition … and it hit me … today is February 27.  Three years ago today … three years.

Three years ago today we had the rug pulled out from under us. While we thought we’d be living a life in hell, it’s actually been pretty darn amazing!

So happy anniversary Miss Olivia – thank you for teaching us that just because life doesn’t always go the way you plan it that doesn’t mean life won’t be wonderful anyway.


The moral of the story is expired medicine is better than no medicine. Especially at 1:30AM.

After the move, I noticed Miss O was starting to sound croupy.  Of course I had thrown out the croup meds when I was cleaning out our old fridge since it had expired sometime last year.

Sunday evening at 9:30 she woke up sounding TERRIBLE. I was truly frightened and thought about calling Dr. Friedman and / or taking her to the hospital.  We steamed up a bathroom and she seemed to improve.  At 1:30AM we had to take her outside (in the snow) to calm the cough.  She was still croupy but a bit better.

I brought her to Dr. Friedman’s at 10AM yesterday.  She definitely has croup and she recommended we keep the meds even AFTER they expire.  Point taken 😉

During the appt we also picked up fluoride tablets for both girls since the new house has well water.