Cardiology Appointment

It went well … VERY well!

Olivia is now 27 1/2 lbs and 35″ tall. (2 lbs and 2″ gain in four months!) Dr. Heller was very pleased with how well she’s doing. Oxygen was 80%. Blood pressure was 80/53 which is AWESOME.

We talked at length about the Fontan … mainly my concerns. Because it’s NEXT YEAR. She reminded me to live in the moment and enjoy each day (which I typically do). I told her I was concerned about not having it done before kindergarten (not that I am rushing things either). She said they really try to get them finished up before kindergarten. Which was a relief and yet … that’s next summer. 18 months away … (OK, enough of that, I am making myself sick at the thought ).

So, it was a great appointment in all. Olivia showed off her new skill of being able to spell her name. And when Dr. Heller asked her “Como estas? (how are you?) she responded with “good!”.

Oh, and our next appointment? It’s not until July 5! That’s 6 months away!

Edited to add that this is the FIRST time in Olivia’s life that we’re going 6 months without seeing Dr. Heller.  So she’s doing great! 🙂