Updates all around!

Well, between new jobs and new schedules it is hard to find time to update the site.  Just know that no news is always good news with us!

We’ll go from youngest to oldest:

Miss Olivia: She’s amazing. Just amazing. Smart, smart SMART!

She can sing God Bless America!  Arnie’s been taking her in to drop off Maddie in the morning and they stay for morning announcements. The children say the Our Father and sing God Bless America. Well, Miss Olivia sings along so loud that Maddie’s teacher commented on how good a singer she is!  Of course Olivia is just like Maddie in that they both sing from morning to night.

She recognizes her colors and is starting to recognize letters.  She got her flu shot on October 12.  She’s growing like a weed and the last time I put her on our scale at home she was 27.5 lbs.  Hard to believe she’s already 27 months old.

Miss Maddie:  Our shining star!  She is just blossoming in First Grade. It’s like having a new child at home. She’s fully reading now.  100% on all her spelling tests.  She doesn’t seem to be struggling at ALL in school and it’s amazing with the things she comes out with (like when she told me what homophones were!).

Maddie’s school is starting to teach them spanish. They told us she’ll be speaking at an 8th grade level by the time she graduates from 5th grade.

The transformation from Kindergarten to First grade has been truly amazing.  Today I have a parent / teacher conference at 4pm so I’m sure I’ll have more to brag about later.

Maddie got the “flu mist” vaccine on 10/12 as well. She was dramatic as usual but survived. She acted as if she got a shot instead of a mist in her nose.  Silly girl.

Tricia:  I’m doing really well.  Work is going great. I’m SO busy.  I actually have a few minutes of down time right now and it’s so RARE around here!

  My hours are very flexible and so I’ve been working 7:15 – 4:15.  It’s nice to be able to pick up the girls at a decent time and spend some time with them at the end of the day.  I’m still adjusting to Arnie’s schedule but overall I’m pleased with how everything is.

Arnie:  He’s really enjoying his new job as well. It’s a bit hectic but he enjoys it. He’s supposed to work from 10 – 6:30pm but has been going in for 9:00AM to keep up.  The drive isn’t terribly bad since we got him a GPS and he’s able to map out a different route if there’s bad traffic.

All of us: With the new schedule it’s been tough to spend quality family time together. By the time Arnie gets home, we eat dinner and then the girls go to bed. And I’m out the door early as well.  So we’ve tried to do something fun as a family every weekend to “make up” for the time we’re missing during the week.

So far we’ve gone to Yankee Candle factory in MA (the girls LOVED it) and Lyman Orchards to feed the ducks and go on pony rides.  Last weekend was a pretty crazy weekend with 3 Halloween parties in as many days so Sunday afternoon after our Halloween party we all snuggled on the couch and watched Over the Hedge.

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