Two years ago today …

Two years ago today our little princess went in for her Glenn surgery. Two years ago we handed our almost 4 month old baby over to Dr. Mello and prayed everything would go well. I remember being so scared. I remember the night before her surgery standing over her crib as she slept and crying.

Two years ago today another family was going through the same fears. They handed their two month old daughter, Lily, over to Dr. Mello after he finished with Olivia.

One surgeon operated on two hearts that day. He literally touched two hearts that day – Lily’s and Olivia’s. Two families brought together by fate.

Two years ago today we met lifelong friends in Laura and Keith. Two families brought together in a hospital – who’d have thought you could meet a best friend in a hospital

? People who get you and understand everything you’ve been through and your fears for the future. Someone who completely “gets it” like no one else can unless they’ve been there.

We never could have imagined that our lives would be this full. That Olivia would do this well and thrive as she has. When we found out before she was born that she was “sick” – even in our wildest dreams, we never thought life could be this good with a “sick” child.

Happy Anniversary Olivia. Happy Anniversary Lily. And Happy Anniversary Laura and Keith! We love you!!!