Maddie's Cardiologist appointment

We took Maddie to see Dr. Heller on September 7. Maddie was VERY nervous about going. I can’t say I blame her – knowing what her sister’s been through.

This appointment was a way for us to confirm there’s nothing wrong with Maddie’s heart. I was a bit concerned after hearing about  all these children who were dropping dead of undetected heart defects.

Maddie has a PERFECT heart! (Thank you GOD!).  She weighs 41 lbs and is 43″ tall.  Her oxygen sat was 99% and her blood pressure was 94/60.

Dr. Heller did an EKG and an echocardiogram on Maddie. We had to convince her the EKG wouldn’t hurt and once she had a sticker on her that didn’t hurt, she was good to go.  Her “favorite” part was the “jelly on the belly” as we called the echo.  I actually had a hard time understanding Maddie’s heart since I’m so used to Olivia’s.

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