Maddie & Olivia had their annual checkups with Dr. Friedman on August 1.

First Maddie – she’s 41 lbs and 43″ tall. She is VERY healthy minus some issues with frequent urination that we’re still trying to work out. And she seems to have developed a “tic” in that she blinks her eyes often. Dr. F doesn’t seem concerned about it and said it should go away on it’s own. Maddie needed a chicken pox booster – she didn’t even cry! 🙂 Brave big girl that she is.

Now Miss Olivia – she’s 26 lbs and 33″ tall. She is doing GREAT. She was a bit “bluish” but we believe it’s related to this terribly hot weather we’ve been experiencing. She was due to receive an adult dose of the pneumonia vaccine but they weren’t in yet. So we’ll have to go back to get that when they come in.

Overall it was a GREAT appt and I’m so proud of my girlies!!!

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