“Dream, dream, dream”

Olivia’s “night time” music has the Everly Brothers “All I have to do is dream” on it.  There’s no singing on the CD.  Often I’m rocking her to that song and I sing along.

She’s down for her nap right now. And over the monitor I hear her singing “Dream dream dream … when I need you …”

Yes, she’s cute!

Here are the lyrics below:

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“Big girl bed”

We decided to turn Olivia’s crib into a toddler bed. We first went hunting for a bedrail to use with the crib but couldn’t find the standard ones. I was hesitant to use one of those anyway because I didn’t want to NOT be able to use our angel care monitor. The angel care monitor when turned on, monitors Olivia’s breathing and movements. If she doesn’t move or breathe within 20 seconds the alarm will sound. I don’t use it all the time, but when she’s sick or looking a bit blue, it’s nice to turn on for piece of mind.

We ended up buying a crib bar specifically made for Olivia’s crib at Baby’s World. She can get in and out of bed now and she’s LOVING it! pictures coming soon

Olivia's first dentist appointment

We went for Olivia’s first dental checkup today with Dr. Cipes. She’s a pediatric dentist who works with a lot of heart kids.

I liked her. I was feeling a bit frazzled from my day of h@!! (interviews, car issues). Plus I had both girls with me.

No cavaties. They just checked her teeth today. There’s a pit in one of her left molars that we need to really scrub good so it doesn’t become a cavity. We go back Feb 14 at 8AM for her first cleaning. Olivia will need to take a high dose of antibiotics ahead of time because of her heart.


Maddie & Olivia had their annual checkups with Dr. Friedman on August 1.

First Maddie – she’s 41 lbs and 43″ tall. She is VERY healthy minus some issues with frequent urination that we’re still trying to work out. And she seems to have developed a “tic” in that she blinks her eyes often. Dr. F doesn’t seem concerned about it and said it should go away on it’s own. Maddie needed a chicken pox booster – she didn’t even cry! 🙂 Brave big girl that she is.

Now Miss Olivia – she’s 26 lbs and 33″ tall. She is doing GREAT. She was a bit “bluish” but we believe it’s related to this terribly hot weather we’ve been experiencing. She was due to receive an adult dose of the pneumonia vaccine but they weren’t in yet. So we’ll have to go back to get that when they come in.

Overall it was a GREAT appt and I’m so proud of my girlies!!!