Cardiology Appt

We had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Heller today.

Olivia weighed 25 lbs (dressed minus shoes) which is a 1lb, 5 oz gain since March!  She is now 32 1/2″ tall (1″ taller since March).

Her EKG came out great.  Her oxygen sats?  86%!!!!  She had an echo done and the leaking from her valve is much less than it was in March.

Due to Olivia’s growth spurt we increased her enalapril to 1.5ml 2 times a day.  I mentioned that we had goofed (twice) and gave her double her enalapril. She wasn’t worried because it is a low dose and it shows that we’re actually giving her the meds (I guess some patients aren’t as diligent?)

We briefly spoke about Olivia’s mysterious rash. She felt that Olivia *could* be allergic to Omnicef but didn’t feel it was necessary to send her to an allergist at this point.

We also discussed dental visits for Olivia. Dr. Heller felt it would be better for us to see a pediatric dentist for Olivia. She knows of a woman in West Hartford who is excellent and quite a few of her patients go there.  She feels it’s better to see someone who is used to the “high risk” kids. I will be calling this week to schedule a visit.

We go back in three months: September 7 at 8AM.

I did ask about the Fontan  – if we have at least another year and she said yes. I’m not looking forward to that…

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  1. Way to grow, Miss Olivia!! Sounds like a great appt 🙂

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