Bye Bye Pacifier

Olivia with

I did it. I bit the bullet and gave in and we got rid of the pacifier.

Here’s how it went:

Yesterday morning Olivia cried the ENTIRE way to Diana’s for “Rah Rah” (pacifier).  I thought about it all day and decided the best way to handle it was to cut the pacifier off the stuffed dog (it was sewn on). And then when she asked for it, we’d hand her the dog.

We got home and of course, she asked for it. So Arnie brought it out. Immediately she put it to her mouth … wait? What’s wrong? I told her ‘rah rah’ is broken and she CRIED big big tears.  She was SO sad.  Maddie was LIVID that Arnie cut the pacifier off – she couldn’t believe it!  “Why did you do that to her Rah Rah?”

So she’s walking around with ‘rah rah’ and every once in a while she’ll put it to her mouth and then look at me and say ” Rah rah broken” with a very sad look on her face.  She slept well last night but woke up earlier than normal this morning. Of course first thing she did was show me that Rah Rah was broken.  Poor baby girl!

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