Welcome to the new & improved site!

I’ve switched over to a new design which will allow me to update much easier which means … MORE UPDATES! I’ll be able to quickly document cute things miss Olivia has done. I’m also going to branch out and update about Maddie Rose as well.

You’ll notice you can comment to each entry as well . I left the old guestbook up, but this will be easier to track.

Finally if you look to the left, there are different sections.

  • The menu section contains links from the old site.
  • The pages section contains a list of all the old pages but converted to this new format.
  • The calendar section will allow you to quickly see how many entries were posted this month and click on a day to access those entries.
  • The categories section is going to be great for me. As I type out an entry, I can “label” it so that way someone can quickly access all the entries relating to Olivia’s hospitalizations or cardiologist appointments, etc. “Life with Maddie” and “Life with Olivia” are going to be those general updates on what is new and exciting with them or if they said or did something cute and / or funny
  • The archives section lists all the months I have posts for. So someone can quickly go back to July 2004 to see my posts about Olivia’s birth.
  • The links section lists all my links for heart friends and other useful links.

I will still be keeping the Announcement Email List but I won’t be sending out announcements daily. Only after appointments or things like that.
So feel free to dig around and drop us an email or comment if you have any questions or concerns.

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