Olivia updates

I’ve been very bad about updating!  We’ve been so busy with life and everything in general that Olivia’s site is last on the list and gets put off.

All is well with us.  Olivia had her first double ear infection last Wednesday (4/12/06). She had been running a fever on and off for about 5 days and I figured it was time to bring her in due to the long holiday weekend.  Never have I seen a parent and doctor cheer over a child having a double ear infection!  But we did. And we’re thrilled it was something so “simple” and she didn’t need to go in for bloodwork.  Olivia took zithromax for 5 days and is now back on her amoxicillan.

Olivia was exposed to Fifth Disease

earlier in the month. This is a typical childhood virus that causes a child to get bright rosy cheeks (looking like they have been slapped).  We believe this was part of the reason for the fever. My sister, brother in law, both nephews and my mother have it this go around. It hits adults much harder than children.  Ironically it was my exposure to Fifth Disease that brought about Olivia’s diagnosis of her heart defects when I was pregnant with her.

Olivia is definitely going to be 2 this year. She is testing boundaries and has her own opinion on how things should be!  She wants to walk all the time (no time for carriages or strollers in stores anymore).  She tells you NO if you ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do.  She’s a bundle of energy and a joy!

Swimming has been a lot of fun with her recently. She has NO fear and LOVES the water. She actually will put her face in the water, take it out and then laugh hysterically.  Her instructor, Miss Kimberly gets such a kick out of her.  We’re trying to get Olivia to be able to stay upright in the pool without me having to hold on to her.  We are now using a bubble and a quarter (floatation devices) with the one full bubble on her belly (a first for Miss Kimberly).  We’re not sure if it’s just that Olivia likes to put her face in the water or it’s the way her muscles are from the surgeries, but with the one bubble on her belly and the quarter bubble on her back, we’re finally to the point that I can let go of her for a second and she doesn’t end up face down in the water.

Olivia’s newest trick is removing her diaper in the middle of the night.  On Sunday morning Arnie found her without a diaper and soaked from the waist down. And this morning I found her in a similar predicament but her diaper wasn’t fully off. Thank God for that one because she had a little present in there for me.  A good friend of mine suggested I put her diaper on with the tape backwards so we’ll try that tonight.

T-10 days until Disney. I am very unorganized this time around – or I feel unorganized. I have the major things ready but I feel I’m forgetting something.  I need to review my lists again.

So that’s all from here. We’ll update again after Florida unless anything comes up in the meantime!

Checkup with Dr. Friedman

Olivia had her 20 month checkup today with Dr. Friedman.  Olivia was just shy of 24 lbs and was 33″ tall.  25 – 50th percentile for weight and 50th to 75th percentile for HEIGHT!  Go Olivia! 🙂  Dr. Friedman got a blood pressure reading of 80/40 on her so the analapril is working!  And so no need to go back specifically for frequent blood pressure readings.  Her heart rate is 129.

We talked about whether or not we should switch her to 2% milk. Dr. Friedman said her LAST concern is clogged arteries and that if when Olivia is 75 years old she has them, she can dig up Dr. Friedman to yell at her.  It made me smile to hear her talk about Olivia in such long term figures.

We talked about vitamins. Olivia is still on poly-visol with iron (a liquid form).  I felt that despite brushing her teeth we’re seeing some staining from the iron.  Dr. Friedman confirmed the staining and suggested we use a battery powered toothbrush on her. We are switching her over to a chewable vitamin once this bottle of vitamins is finished.

Arnie brought up the pacifier (aka “pluggy” or “duck” or “rah rah” (for the dog)).  Arnie wants to get rid of it. I’m just not ready yet.  Dr. Friedman sides with Arnie and said now is as good a time as any.  Especially since she has no procedures for a while.  I’m just not ready to give it up.  It’s her one vice.  Plus she’s most likely our last baby so it’s that much harder.  Maybe when we get back from Florida?

The most exciting part of the appointment was that we were able to get an oxygen reading of 89% on her! WOOHOO!  Everyone was clapping and cheering!

Our next appointment is not until August 5!