RSV prevention appointment

We had our last drug trial appointment today.

Dr. Wolkoff was there along with Lee.

Olivia weighed in at 23 lbs, 3 oz which is down from last month. Odd. Her BP was much better (103/56) but her heart rate was up (132). Need to email Dr. Heller on that one. We couldn’t convince her to wear the oxygen lead, despite our best efforts of begging.

She showed off for Dr. Wolkoff – she was a MAJOR flirt with him. He said he could spend all day watching her play!

Again they commented at how advanced she is – that she’s as advanced as his 24 month old daughter.

He felt we should try and get one last synagis shot covered via insurance because they’re still seeing quite a few cases of it. So I’m working on that today in conjunction with Dr. Friedman. Fun, the insurance dance!

He commented that her left ear was light reflective(?) but red. The right ear was dull, slightly bulged and not red at all. He said if she starts another temp she’s got an ear infection but not to treat her unless that happens.

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