Appointment with Dr. Friedman

Arnie brought Olivia in to see Dr. Friedman today. She’s had a cold for a while now and it seems to be moving into her eyes. She had those “goopy eyes” relating to a cold – not pink eye. Plus she’s been having a tough time sleeping at night.

Olivia’s right ear looked “mildly” infected to Dr. Friedman. She put her on Zithromax (200/5ML concentration – she’s getting 3ml once a day) for 3 days in place of her amoxicillan.

While he was there he also discussed with her a few concerns I had.

  1. Olivia’s fontanelle (the “soft spot”) hasn’t closed yet. Dr. Friedman felt this was nothing to be concerned about at this point.
  2. Speech. Olivia’s not talking a ton. She says Mama, Dada, apple, bye, hi, eyes, nose, mouth, but really hasn’t taken off language wise. Dr. Friedman said she should be able to say 3 words beside Mama and Dada at this point so we’re ok. She felt that since she understands both english and spanish we’re in good shape as well – and the fact that she’s learning two languages at once may be the reason she’s not speaking more. We’ll discuss more at her 20 month visit in April.

The entire Belfonti household is battling the same cold and it is a doozy. Even Maddie Rose with her immune system of steel has fallen victim to this one.

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