RSV prevention appointment

Our fourth RSV prevention appointment was today.  We met with Lee Sullivan, as Renee Richard has moved to the ER department.Olivia weighed in at 23 lbs, 1.5 oz.  That is a 6.5oz gain from last month!  Her heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rates were all excellent.  Her oxygen sats were in the mid 80’s.

Dr. Wolkoff examined her and is just thrilled at how well she’s doing. He said she’s very smart (naturally). She needed blood drawn and he was able to get it on the first stick. He did comment that her ears looked slightly infected but since it’s not bothering her, they won’t treat them.

We have one more appointment for shots at the Clinical Trials dept which will be next month, Feb 23 at 8AM. Then we’ll have a final appointment in April just to tie everything up.

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