RSV prevention appointment

We had our RSV prevention drug trial / shot / appointment this morning.  I’m doing this from memory as my notebook is in the car and it’s pouring outside.

We got there on time but had to drop off a urine specimin at the lab and nephrologist’s office for Maddie. She’s had some problems with blood in her urine and they *think* she has high amounts of calcium in her urine.  We got started with the appointment around 8:15AM.

First was weighing Miss O in. She is 22lbs even! Woohoo chunky monkey! Her oxygen sats were 84%, resp rate: 32 and her blood pressure was 104 / 87. (That bottom number is a bit high and I have a call into Renee to confirm that it was better after the shots were administered).

Dr. Lapuk (cardiology) came by and examined her.  He was pleased with how she is doing.  There was discussion as to whether or not to document Olivia’s bruise (head met corner of fridge door last night during tantrum) as an “adverse” something or other.  Renee described it as “typical toddler knows mommy just booked christmas photos bruise” – Amen to that 😉

Today it took TWO attempts to draw blood and Olivia was NOT too thrilled. She cried and cried. It didn’t hurt (she didn’t flinch when they stuck her) but it was upsetting to her because she doesn’t like being held down.

Of course as soon as we calm her down we have to get stuck again twice (Numax / synagis have to be administered via two shots once they get to a certain weight).

After Renee brought in a beautiful blue fleece blanket for Olivia. It has yellow duckies on it (to match her duckie pacifier).

Overall it was a great appointment and I’m sure Olivia is sleeping it off at Diana’s this afternoon

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