16 month checkup

Olivia’s 16 month appointment was last night.  Dr. Friedman had to leave unexpectedly so we had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Geddis. She is WONDERFUL!!!  We last saw her when Olivia was first home from the hospital so of course it’s been forever.

Olivia weighed in at 22 lbs, 8 oz which is a 2 lb, 8 oz gain in 4 months.  She measured at 31″ tall, which is 2.5″ taller than she was in July.  Her head measured 47 cm.  Olivia is in the 25th percentile for weight, 50th for height and 75th for her head.  Great growth and definitely staying on track for where she’s been.

Dr. Geddis was amazed at how well Olivia has done. She was so happy to hear that Olivia eats everything in all food groups.  As long as she can feed herself, she’s a happy girl and will eat it.  She asked if she can climb (yes), kick (not sure – I assume so), and pick things up with her pincher grip (yes).  We talked about her speaking: I can understand 5-10 words which Dr. Geddis said is perfectly normal for a healthy 16 month old, never mind a cardiac child.

Olivia got her DTAP vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis or whooping cough).  She is now done with typical vaccines until she’s ready for kindergarten. Of course because she gets synagis and flu shots, etc, this won’t be the last one.

Dr. Geddis was thrilled to find out that Diana (Olivia’s daycare provider) speaks to her exclusively in spanish. She felt we’re giving Olivia a huge boost in life by exposing her to both english and spanish. Olivia understands both so it’s not going to hinder her language skills.

I had a few questions:

Ears: Olivia has very dry skin behind her ears. Dr. Geddis recommended putting a lot of moisturizer after bathing her.

Teeth: Olivia’s eye teeth have not come in yet and I was starting to become concerned. Dr. Geddis said they usually come in after the molars and she wasn’t concerned.  I was aware that some cardiac children have problems with teeth missing so I wanted to check to make sure.

Diaper rash: Olivia’s been getting diaper rash on and off. Nothing terrible, just red bumps. This is normal and we’re to continue using balmex.

Talking:  Everything is normal here.

It was a great appointment and we don’t have another appointment with the pediatrician until March 20 when Olivia will be 20 months!  Now let’s all hope we can keep her healthy enough to make it that long!

Updates on the girls


We took the girls to get their pictures done on Sunday.  I had forgotten how difficult this age is to get them to just stand there and smile! Olivia was very fiesty and didn’t want Maddie holding her hands or anything.  We ended up getting the pictures, but I was sweating … it was HARD work!

We also visited Santa but Olivia would have NOTHING to do with sitting on his lap. She saw him, screamed NO and put a death grip on my arms.  We did get a beautiful picture of Santa and Maddie taken and once someone remembers to bring it home from his office we’ll scan it and post it.

A gentleman stopped me in the mall after we had the pictures taken. He said “I assume these are your daughters?” And I said “yes”. He said “They are very beautiful. I was watching them in the picture people.  You are very blessed.”  I’ll admit I got a bit teary. I touched his arm and said “Thank you so much. You have no idea how truly blessed we really are. Merry Christmas” and we walked away. I figured he didn’t need the whole story but his words made me smile.


She is really starting to show her personality and let you know what she does and does not like.  For example: she has started to not like being buckled in the car seat so she’ll arch her back when I put her in.  Nothing a little tickling can’t fix.

She is starting to repeat words you say.  She can now say apple and Olivia (although it’s hard to hear “Olivia” from what’s she’s saying but she’ll point to herself and say it when you ask her “who’s this?” and point to her).

She went through a few weeks of separation anxiety where she would cry when we left her at Diana’s.  This week she’s been happy to be there so it could have been related to her not feeling well.  She had a stomach bug a few weeks ago (November 17?).

She has been quite clumsy lately!  She banged her head good a week ago Monday and it left a nice sized egg on her forehead. She bit her lip TWICE on Thanksgiving.  And on Friday she somehow ended up face first into the coffee table cutting her eye and giving herself a nice black eye just in time for pictures.  I’m ready to wrap her in bubble wrap.


Maddie came out with this last weekend and I couldn’t help but jot it down.  “I smell like a rose and that’s why they call me Maddie Rose”. Arnie and I were laughing hysterically.

Maddie’s urine culture showed no more blood so we’re just waiting on the results of the test for calcium.


Well, tomorrow Memere, Maddie & I are on our way. We return late Sunday evening. I will update again when I return.

RSV prevention appointment

We had our RSV prevention drug trial / shot / appointment this morning.  I’m doing this from memory as my notebook is in the car and it’s pouring outside.

We got there on time but had to drop off a urine specimin at the lab and nephrologist’s office for Maddie. She’s had some problems with blood in her urine and they *think* she has high amounts of calcium in her urine.  We got started with the appointment around 8:15AM.

First was weighing Miss O in. She is 22lbs even! Woohoo chunky monkey! Her oxygen sats were 84%, resp rate: 32 and her blood pressure was 104 / 87. (That bottom number is a bit high and I have a call into Renee to confirm that it was better after the shots were administered).

Dr. Lapuk (cardiology) came by and examined her.  He was pleased with how she is doing.  There was discussion as to whether or not to document Olivia’s bruise (head met corner of fridge door last night during tantrum) as an “adverse” something or other.  Renee described it as “typical toddler knows mommy just booked christmas photos bruise” – Amen to that 😉

Today it took TWO attempts to draw blood and Olivia was NOT too thrilled. She cried and cried. It didn’t hurt (she didn’t flinch when they stuck her) but it was upsetting to her because she doesn’t like being held down.

Of course as soon as we calm her down we have to get stuck again twice (Numax / synagis have to be administered via two shots once they get to a certain weight).

After Renee brought in a beautiful blue fleece blanket for Olivia. It has yellow duckies on it (to match her duckie pacifier).

Overall it was a great appointment and I’m sure Olivia is sleeping it off at Diana’s this afternoon

Upcoming events

November 27 we’re taking Christmas pictures. Arnie won’t allow me to post our christmas card picture until it’s been received by the masses but I’m sure there will be other pictures to post 😉

November 28 at 5:45pm is her 16 month checkup with Dr. Friedman.

Maddie & Mommy vacation

My mom, Maddie and I are going to DISNEY for a long weekend!  We leave on Wednesday evening, November 30 and return Sunday afternoon, December 4.   is having a “meet” and a few ladies from my online mother’s group are going including a woman who is flying in with her family from Australia!  We are looking forward to a nice weekend away and seeing the parks decorated for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We are so blessed to have our two beautiful girls and our loving and supportive family and friends around us.  We are thankful for each and every one of you every single day of the year.

Olivia updates

Pretend Play

Olivia is starting to get into pretend play.

On Sunday evening she was walking around the living room holding her sippy cup and a bib.  She rested the sippy cup against the pillow on the couch, then placed the bib over it. She patted the sippy cup and then leaned down and gave it a kiss!  It was the SWEETEST thing and brought tears to my eyes.

First Wiggles Concert

On Saturday, November 5, my sister and I took the kids to see the Wiggles in concert. Maddie & Christopher have been many times as has Cole. But this was Olivia’s first time.  I’ll admit I got a bit teary just being there, knowing that she had met another “childhood” *milestone*.  She was healthy enough to go to her first children’s show.  So there, Dr. “she won’t have quality of life”!!!

Our seats were AMAZING.  We were to the left of the stage and only 10 rows back.  They keep the lights on the entire show and the kids had a BALL.  Olivia applauded and danced and wiggled and just had a great time.  It was WELL worth the cost of admission.  We brought a bone for Wags the Dog, roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur and a sign that read “Maddie, Christopher, Cole and Olivia (heart) the Wiggles!”  The older three got a huge kick out of hearing Murray Wiggle read their sign and say their names.

Here‘s a picture of the kids sitting on the stairs before the show.  Maddie & Christopher dancing!  Olivia, chicken nugget in hand, is excited to see the show!  Excuse the dirty face, she had just discovered the wonders of barbeque sauce for the first time.