RSV prevention appointment

Arnie took Olivia to the marathon RSV prevention drug trial appointment on Monday, October 24.  Here’s how it went:

Arnie arrived around 2pm.  Before they did anything, Renee put a numbing cream on Olivia’s hand to help numb the area before the blood draw. Olivia spent a lot of time attempting to take off the tape but was unsucessful.  45 minutes or so were spent going over the consent form.  Arnie felt it could have gone quicker had Olivia been a bit less demanding but she’s 15 months so it’s to be expected.

Her exam showed that she weighed 21 lbs, 9 oz and her oxygen sats were 82%.  Although her lungs sounded quite clear, because she’s been nursing a cold for a week or longer, they chose to do an RSV test on her.  They sprayed saline in her nostrils and then sucked a bunch of junk out to be tested.  Olivia was not too pleased with that part of the appointment.  They noticed that Olivia’s right ear seemed a bit red, as if she had a minor ear infection.

After the RSV test came back negative, Renee was able to get the blood draw done on the first try! I believe that’s a first for Olivia who normally gets poked multiple times before they get a “good” vein.

She received both shots at the same time (one in each leg).  She cried for a minute and then was fine.  They kept an eye on her for a bit after to make sure she was fine before sending them on their way around 6pm!

I thought Arnie would be crabby for having been there all day but he said Renee and Dr. Wolkoff made it pleasant for both him and Olivia. Olivia got TWO new toys! A blue carebear that has a bell/rattle in it and a driving console toy. Both new right out of the box.

They both said she is HIGHLY intelligent because of her precociousness and her ability to do things most children her age couldn’t do. Renee had used her keys to open a cabinet in the room. Olivia reached for the keys so Renee gave them to her. Olivia walked right over to the cabinet and attempted to use the keys to open it! She also was using Renee’s photo album (attached to her keys) as if it were a phone – putting it up to her ear and saying “hi”.  They were also impressed that Olivia can maneuver her sippy cup into the holder on the side of the diaper bag.

All in all it went extremely well.

Renee called me today (10/26) to check on Olivia.  She again commented on how intelligent she was. She asked how Olivia did that night and since. I told her that Olivia had a rough night on Monday evening (for Olivia anyway).  She had a rough time going to bed and so we gave her some tylenol assuming her legs might be sore from the shots. Then Olivia woke up around 2AM and was super fussy. She normally sleeps straight through. It took a few sips of milk, a diaper change, a dose of tylenol and some cuddles and hugs from Mommy to get her back to sleep (with a blanket).

Our next appointment will be Tuesday, November 22 at 8AM.  This time I’ll get to take her 🙂

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