RSV / Flu Shots

Another fall, another go around regarding RSV prevention.  While I don’t want to wish away Olivia’s toddlerhood, I look forward to the day when she’s old enough to not need these shots.

When we last covered this topic I was in the process of getting Dr. Friedman’s office involved in getting Olivia’s synagis.  I have spoken with both nurses, BC/BS of IL (insurance) and Professional Health Care (pharmacy providing the Synagis).  Long story short, Professional Home will not be shipping synagis until the last week of October. Hmm, if I can get the same (or better) drugs for free via CCMC for the same timeframe – I’d rather go with FREE.  Saving the insurance company approximately $10,000 in drug costs and myself about $1200.

I spoke with Renee Richard today. She’s the nurse in charge of the RSV drug trial at CCMC. She is getting her supply by October 19.  Arnie was already taking a half day on Monday, October 24 so we scheduled Olivia’s first appointment for that afternoon.  I’ll  be so relieved when we finally have the first dose in her.

Flu Shots

By Monday evening the entire Belfonti household (minus the cats) will have been given their flu shots.  Arnie and I have appointments at a local grocery store for Friday, October 14. And Olivia and Maddie are scheduled for Monday, October 17 at Dr. Friedman’s office.

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