One year checkup / fever

Olivia’s One Year Checkup / Fever

Olivia’s one year checkup was on Monday, July 25.  She got 4 shots and was poked twice for iron level checks.

Olivia weighs 20 lbs and is 28.5″ long.  There was a question about her iron level.  They poked both girls at the same time and one came back low so they had to poke both of them again. But on the second reading Olivia’s was 16 which is GREAT.  Maddie’s was also within the normal levels the second time they poked her.

Olivia received her normal 12 month shots and also received one of the shots that a child normally gets at 16 months. This was done due to her aspleenia.

There was a discussion about whether or not Olivia needs synagis in the fall. Dr. F believed that since Olivia is so stable, maybe it wasn’t necessary. The idea didn’t go over well with me, so we agreed to talk with the cardiologist.  I emailed Dr. Heller who stated that Olivia needs to be protected from RSV this winter.  I am relieved.  Dr. Heller also mentioned that Dr. Lapuk (another cardiologist at CCMC) is going to be doing a study on a new anti-RSV treatment. We are interested in finding more about this study and it’s highly likely we’re going to participate in it.

Olivia ran a fever over the weekend and Dr. F discovered Olivia had a sore throat virus.  Olivia had another fever on Tuesday (100.2º) so I kept her home from daycare. She was very fussy which is unlike her. Thankfully she’s feeling MUCH better since then.

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