Olivia update

  • Still not walking but OH SO CLOSE!  She’ll take up to 3 steps but seems a bit cautious so we’re trying not to push her.
  • 5 teeth now!  She had 3 coming in on the top – one on each side and one center tooth.
  • New words: “Happy” and “Olivia”.
  • Brushes her own hair:  Sunday evening Maddie was brushing my hair. I took the brush and brushed Olivia’s hair.  Olivia then took the brush from me and brushed her own hair! It wasn’t a one time thing either.  I have it on video and hope to shorten the clip and post it here.
  • Finger foods:  Olivia loves to eat! She is starting to eat finger foods – grilled cheese, mini ravioli’s, bananas, cherries (pitted, peeled and cut up).  She really has taken an interest in everything we are eating and we have to share with her or we hear about it!

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