During the emails with Dr. Heller this week I asked about signing Olivia up for a swimming class.  The YMCA offers a Parent & Child class that would get Olivia comfortable in the water.  Dr. Heller thought this was a great idea so we’re going to sign her up.

This past Wednesday was Olivia’s one year anniversary of coming home.  Again I have to say Happy Anniversary sweet cheeks! We’re so happy you’re here and we love you!

One year checkup / fever

Olivia’s One Year Checkup / Fever

Olivia’s one year checkup was on Monday, July 25.  She got 4 shots and was poked twice for iron level checks.

Olivia weighs 20 lbs and is 28.5″ long.  There was a question about her iron level.  They poked both girls at the same time and one came back low so they had to poke both of them again. But on the second reading Olivia’s was 16 which is GREAT.  Maddie’s was also within the normal levels the second time they poked her.

Olivia received her normal 12 month shots and also received one of the shots that a child normally gets at 16 months. This was done due to her aspleenia.

There was a discussion about whether or not Olivia needs synagis in the fall. Dr. F believed that since Olivia is so stable, maybe it wasn’t necessary. The idea didn’t go over well with me, so we agreed to talk with the cardiologist.  I emailed Dr. Heller who stated that Olivia needs to be protected from RSV this winter.  I am relieved.  Dr. Heller also mentioned that Dr. Lapuk (another cardiologist at CCMC) is going to be doing a study on a new anti-RSV treatment. We are interested in finding more about this study and it’s highly likely we’re going to participate in it.

Olivia ran a fever over the weekend and Dr. F discovered Olivia had a sore throat virus.  Olivia had another fever on Tuesday (100.2º) so I kept her home from daycare. She was very fussy which is unlike her. Thankfully she’s feeling MUCH better since then.

Happy Anniversary

A year ago tonight will be the one year anniversary of Olivia’s first heart surgery (or her life being saved for the first time).  I remember so clearly that day – waiting for the time we had to hand her over. Finally at 6pm they told us it was time.  Dr. Heller, nurse Jen and Arnie walked her from the NICU at Hartford Hospital over to CCMC.  The anethesiologist told Arnie “Don’t worry. We’re going to take good care of her”.  And they did.

Olivia is amazing. Life is amazing. GOD is amazing.  We are SO blessed!

Happy Birthday Olivia

Wow, our baby is ONE! We made it!!!

Today is emotional for me.  We’ve come a LONG way in the past year.  Here are some statistics:

  • 19 days in the hospital
  • 12.5 lb Weight gain (approximate)
  • 11 Visiting Nurse appointments
  • 11 trips to the pediatrician
  • 6 trips to the pediatric cardiologist
  • 4 hospitalizations
  • 3 trips to the Operating Room
  • 1 trip to the cardiac catherization lab



I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and been such a source of strength for us in the past year and a half.  Without all of you, we never could have made it to today.  You have comforted us in our times of sorrow and cheered Olivia on when she accomplished something big.  Today is not just Olivia’s day, but it’s a day for everyone who knows Olivia and whose life was touched by her.  Thank You!

Olivia update

  • Still not walking but OH SO CLOSE!  She’ll take up to 3 steps but seems a bit cautious so we’re trying not to push her.
  • 5 teeth now!  She had 3 coming in on the top – one on each side and one center tooth.
  • New words: “Happy” and “Olivia”.
  • Brushes her own hair:  Sunday evening Maddie was brushing my hair. I took the brush and brushed Olivia’s hair.  Olivia then took the brush from me and brushed her own hair! It wasn’t a one time thing either.  I have it on video and hope to shorten the clip and post it here.
  • Finger foods:  Olivia loves to eat! She is starting to eat finger foods – grilled cheese, mini ravioli’s, bananas, cherries (pitted, peeled and cut up).  She really has taken an interest in everything we are eating and we have to share with her or we hear about it!

Birthday celebrations all around

Tonight we’re all going to the DQ Grill & Chill on Rte 5 in North Haven to celebrate. My brother in law owns the restaurant and has to work so we’re bringing the party to him!

Saturday is both Maddie & Olivia’s family party.  We have asked everyone that in lieu of gifts they bring a donation to the CCMC Foundation in Olivia’s name.  If anyone else is interested in contributing, please drop me an email. Thanks.

Next Friday is Maddie Rose’s 5th birthday. We will be taking her out for pizza that evening.

And finally, on July 31 is Maddie’s friend’s party at a gymnastic center.

Olivia update

18 days until she’s ONE!

New things Olivia is doing:

  • Says “Hi Dad!”
  • She can stand without holding onto anything for short periods of time.
  • She LOVES eating!  She has really started to eat a LOT this past month.  And definitely has taken an interest in what we are eating.
  • She got another tooth this past week after a long gap of time.