Little hearts picnic

Yesterday was the annual Little Hearts picnic. This is our support group of all families with children who have heart defects (CHD). Yesterday there were 500 people in attendance – 111 CHDs! Last year we were one of two families there who were expecting – Arnie & I and Delys & Noel. This year we were able to reunite those beautiful babies who were born just 5 days apart. It was SO nice to see our friends again and see how big the kids have gotten. The oldest person there with a CHD was 39 years old! And the oldest HLHS survivor there was 20!

As usual, the tear jerking moment was the taking of the Picture of Hope. They take three pictures. The first one is the picture of the kids with HLHS (which is in my opinion one of the most serious CHDs one can have). Next they take a picture of all the kids with a CHD. And finally they take a siblings picture.

Delys and I were getting emotional. We both said “we are SO LUCKY”. Funny because someone who hasn’t been in our shoes may not consider us lucky – but we sure do. We have two beautiful girls who are doing so well. We are truly blessed.

I don’t have pictures to share yet – my camera battery died. However, as soon as I get copies, I will definitely post them for everyone to view.

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